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Hidden architectural & design in Crosstown Vancouver! by Jay McInnes

Have you ever seen the roof of Tinseltown? Probably not... Most people just go to the mall, watch their movie and leave within a couple of hours. This is normal. And you wouldn't really see the roof of the mall unless you or your friends had a condo in one of the surrounding towers that peer down onto the mall. If you actually take the time to walk around Tinseltown at 88 W Pender Street in Crosstown Vancouver it is actually a very interesting design, from the floors to the ceiling. And yes, that design is carried up onto the roof as I mentioned earlier. As you will see from the picture below if it is one of the most interesting designs that sits atop a roof in Downtown Vancouver.

Hidden architecture & design in Crosstown Vancouver: by Jay McInnes

 As you can see this is the sun-dial that sits atop the roof of the Tinseltown mall at 88 W Pender Street in Crosstown Vancouver. I bet you never would have guessed. I like the detail of the steel stars covering the air conditioning units that sit on the roof.... This is just a touch of architecture that can really change the appearance of a normal roof for all of the condo units peering down upon it. This picture was taken from my studio listing at The Taylor located at 550 Taylor Street. So this picture was taken from the 20th floor. The building to the left of the picture is the Europa building at 63 Keefer Place. This view is looking West over the roof from the East.

If you have any further questions in regards to Crosstown Vancouver , its buildings or architecture please don't hesitate to contact me direct at any time. 



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