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Chinatown in the Downtown East Side set for continued re-vitalization! By Jay McInnes

There has been a kick in the paper recently promoting the re-vitalization of our Historic ChinaTown in Vancouver's Downtown East side. As I am a huge fan of this area and the diversity it has to offer Downtown Vancouver I wanted to compile a couple of links here to give you some insight on the work that has been done to restore this very important part of our city and the plans for its future!

Vancouver Sun (May 19 2010):

The Province (May 23rd 2010):

Chinatown Revitilization program by the City of Vancouver: 

Vancouver Chinatown Website:

For any information on Condos in Vancouver's Chinatown District please visit the following Building Pages: 

550 Taylor Street (The Taylor)

718 Main Street (Ginger)

71 E Pender Street (East) 

For any further information on the Chinatown area in general please don't hesitate to contact me direct at any time: 



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