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Crosstown Vancouver, Gastown Vancouver & Chinatown Vancouver area boundaries. By Jay McInnes

A lot of people I talk to at open houses in Crosstown are still not sure of the boundaries of Crosstown Vancouver, Gastown Vancouver & Chinatown Vancouver. I have put this map together to clearly outline the boundaries of the 3 very distinct areas.

Crosstown / Gastown / Chinatown Community Map by Jay McInnes

Crosstown is bound North to South by Pender Street & Pacific Boulevard, East to West by Cambie Street & Main Street.
- Crosstown Vancouver is Downtown Vancouvers newest community. Crosstown is growing expenentially with a large number of new developments & business being injected into the area consistently over the past few years. This area offers a growing list of amenities while businesses find their way edging closer and closer East out of Downtown. 

Gastown is bound North to South by Water Street & Pender Street, East to West by Richards Street & Main Street.
- Gastown if Vancouver's oldest area. With this honour comes a number of heritage buildings that really define the history of the area. A number of these developments have been converted into new residence bringing new life to the growing area. The Woodwards development is the foundation of change in the Gastown area. This address has brought everything from high-end residence to Nesters grocery store, TD Bank & London Drugs.

Chinatown is bound North to South by Hastings Street & Union Street, East to West by Taylor Street & Gore Avenue.
- Chinatown has seen a huge change over the past two years. The area still very rich with its history & chinese shops & street vendors has been introduced to new development and main stream business coming to the area. Chinatown still offers a very authentic feel but now also has a number of new & boutique lounges and cafe's mixed with night clubs and larger chain coffee shops.

All three of these areas blend together perfectly with the variety of Historic buildings and authentic original Vancouver history they offer. There are a variety of different reasons to choose to live in any of these 3 very unique areas. However in total you are really buying into them all as one. With their close proximity and lists of amenities, these three great communities have everything to offer and are rapidly growing.



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