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Where is Crosstown Vancouver ? By Jay McInnes

Where is Crosstown Vancouver?

Crosstown Vancouver is located between Pender Street & Expo Boulevard (North to South) & Beatty Street to Main Street (West to East). 

At Crosstowns Western edge is the Downtown Vancouver Business Distric, with False Creek water to its South. Crosstowns Northern & Eastern edges are trumped by Historic Gastown & Chinatown. When living in Crosstown you are positioned perfectly, surounded by Vancouver’s Water, Business district & Cultural Hubs. 

Crosstown Vancouver / Gastown Vancouver / Chinatown Vancouver MAP by Jay McInnes 

About Crosstown Vancouver:

Crosstown Vancouver has opened its doors to a variety of quality developers over recent years. This has given the area a huge influx of Residential Real Estate opportunities. With such a variety of local culture & amenities in Crosstown, there are a number of key reasons buyers from a wide spectrum of professions and backgrounds are attracted to purchase in the area. Crosstown has come a long way in recent years with a fast growing night life scene, Restaurants & Lounges, Boutique Shops and Art Studios. These new ventures and growing list of local amenities are very welcomed by the residence of the area as opportunities for local extra curricular activities, as well as assisting their Real Estate Market Values to steadily rise.

As a new community with such a prime location, Crosstown Vancouver presents a huge opportunity to potential buyers.  Having this new and un-polished reputation, property prices have not yet been driven up to levels of its Yaletown & Gastown neighbours. However it is only a matter of time until they do catch up.

For any further details on the Crosstown Vancouver area, local amenities or Crosstown Real Estate oportunities please contact me direct HERE.



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