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219 E Georgia Street, Crosstown / Chinatown Vancouvers newest Mid-rise application!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago regarding a new Crosstown Vancouver Residential mid-rise Application that was put into the city for 219 East Georgia Street, on the lane across the street from the new Brixton Cafe at East Georgia Street & main Street.

There is now footage of the proposed building model!

219 E Georgia Street Display Model (

As you can see, this is an extremely thin & modern design to fit this very unique lot at the corner of the lane.

I forecast the units in the development to be very open concept & lofty with (obviously from the picture above) lots of windows along the Western walls of units! This development is going to strongly compliment the surrounding area & the grown that has begun down here.

Chinatown / Crosstown Vancouver was also recently approved for a 15 story development ceiling. This is going to bring huge (and very welcome in my book) developers to the area to fill it will new product, offering people a piece of this historic community.

For any further information on Crosstown / Chinatown Vancouver and the future of this rapidly changing neighbourhood please contact me direct at / 604 771 4606




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