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Ayden Gallery Crosstown Vancouver Friday Evening Event (Lani Maeglin Imre opening Reception)

I had the opportunity to visit the Ayden Gallery in Crosstown Vancouver this evening. Being an Art Gallery, there was an Art show with live music, camera men, a bar & people over-flowing out of the front door into the entrance way of their Tinseltown location. It was the Lani Maeglin Imre opening Reception tonight.

I have been to this Gallery once before after a movie with my girlfriend & this was a similar event. Although tonight as it is so close to halloween I am guessing, they had a guy dressed up as a big Predator like Movie character: 

Ayden Gallery - Monster

It was very interesting and the group was very into the evening. We thoroughly enjoyed our selves at the event. Best of all the only way to spend money at the event was on Art or booz, it was free entry! Just like the last time we were there, I was very surprised.
My girlfriend had her eye on a piece of art by Kevin Ledo that we saw the first time we were in the Gallery. Surprising to both of us it was still there this time as well. The piece has a bidding price of $600 and a buy out price of $1500. Unfortunately we went home art-less this evening. It was a very nice piece though:

Ayden Gallery - Kevin Ledo

Either way I just wanted to thank the Ayden Gallery for hosting us this evening and I hope to be back to another one of your unique events in the near future.

If you are interested in visiting the Ayden Gallery in Crosstown vancouver (Tinseltown) I have listed the details below for your consideration:

Ayden Gallery



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