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A Walk through Crosstown Vancouver into Chinatown on Vancouver's Downtown East Side

I took a walk through Crosstown Vancouver this afternoon as I usually do on sunny days just to get a feel for the area & the locals in the area. I really love crosstown as it is such a diverse neighbourhood that is growing so quickly. Every time I go down to Crosstown there is something new, either another boutique shop in Tinseltown mall or another crane removed from a renovation nearing completion. I truly believe areas like Crosstown Vancouver in their changing states have a piece that will appeal to everyone. 
I took 3 pictures today that I feel really express the attitude of Crosstown Vancouver. These pictures in my opinion give a taste of the old, the new & all of the history the eyes of Crosstown have seen over the last 100 years.

Crosstown Vancouver - the Lions Entrance to China Town

The lions of the China Town Millennium Gate with a historic Brick Construction structure in the back ground. I feel this really gives the Historic feeling China towns history on the Downtown East Side. This is a great monument is at the intersection of West Pender Street & Taylor Street. This marks the entry from the West into the Downtown East sides Historic China Town. 

Crosstown vancouver - Defining architecture of Crosstown

These two Historic Brick buildings are backing up agains one another at the corner of West Pender Street & Carrall Street. These two buildings among others in the close Crosstown proximity really give the historic Crosstown vibe presence in the changing neighbourhood. Even though Crosstown is changing so quickly there is still so much culture & historic heritage sites / buildings that keep the feeling of the past close to you at any corner in the small community.

Crosstown Vancouver - everything is going to be alright - Day time 

This is an amazing piece of artwork commissioned by Crosstown local Bob Rennie & created by artist Martin Creed. This art piece sits atop of the historic "Wing Sang Building" at 51 E Pender Street. This recent historic renovation project is now home to Rennie Marketing Systems & Rennie & Associates Realty.

If you would like any further details on the Crosstown Vancouver neighbourhood please contact me direct at or 604 771 4606 



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