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PIVO Public House @ 526 Abbott Street in Crosstown Vancouver, great location, great service, great room & great food!

PIVO Public House #2

I had lunch at PIVO Public House in Crosstown Vancouver this afternoon. The new lounge at 526 Abbott Street is a great addition to the growing Crosstown Vancouver area. The room opened about 4 months ago by The Adelphia Group who also own a slew of top night spots through out the Downtown Vancouver core. To give you an idea of their capacity, they are the ones who have given us venues the likes of Caprice Nightclub, Celebrities Nightclub, Venue Nightclub, LUX at Caprice, The Dover Arms Public House & Liqueur Store, Crosstown Liqueur Store & now PIVO Public House.

PIVO Public House #1

The launch of PIVO Public House has changed the face of the Crosstown Vancouver Community from the moment it opened its doors, just those few short months ago. PIVO offers this changing area of Crosstown a hot new venue, that can be enjoyed by not only local residence but also professionals from the near by Downtown Vancouver core for a nice meal or drink after work. Crosstown Vancouver's growth over the past few years with local developers seeing the opportunity the diverse area has to offer, it was only a matter of time until a Public House of this sort was presented to the area.

As a huge supporter of the proactive growth of Crosstown Vancouver I am very excited about this pioneering establishment hopefully paving the way for others like it in the area. 

If you have any questions about the PIVO Public House contact them direct at the details below:

PIVO Public House
526 Beatty Street
Crosstown Vancouver B.C
V6N 6N7

P: 604 608 0500
F: 604 608 0510

Open 11am - Midnight Daily

Or visit The Adelphia Groups website direct HERE

If you have any questions about Crosstown Vancouver in general or Crosstown Vancouver Real Estate please contact me direct HERE



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