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Crosstown Liquor Store has opened at 568 Abbott Street.

Crosstown Liqueur Store #2

Crosstown liquor store has finally opened its doors at 568 Abbott Street in Crosstown Vancouver. With a very well versed selection of wines to choose from as the focal point of the shop, this liquor store has been very warmly welcomed to the area by local residence. C.L.S is also very well equipped with a large variety of beer from around the globe filling the selection of fridges that outlining the space. This is a great resource for the Crosstown Vancouver area and one more building block closer to becoming Downtown Vancouver's newest and fully equipped neighbourhoods. Crosstown Liquor Store was like PIVO Public House was also brought to us by The Adelphia Group. To give you a quick over head of the quality The Adelphia Group has brought the streets of Vancouver I have listed some of their past successes below:

- Caprice Night Club
- Lux at Caprice
- Celebrities Night Club
- Venue Night Club
- The Dover Arms Public House
- The Dover Arms Liquor Store

For any information you require on Crosstown Liquor Stores selection of pruducts please connect directly with the Crosstown Liquor Store Staff at the details below:

Crosstown Liquor Store
568 Abbott Street
Crosstown Vancouver B.C
V6Z 1L3
T: 604 683 8438
F: 604 608 8439

Just know that for what ever reason put fourth by the city "I assume" Crosstown Liquor Store can not serve spirits, (hard liquor) for 12 months after opening. A slight hick up in sales I'm sure but these were the cards dealt. Aside from that the space is full of a great variety of product & it is a long awaited amenity for the streets of Crosstown Vancouver.

For any further information on Crosstown Vancouver ion general or Buying Real Estate in Crosstown Vancouver please contact me direct at or 604 771 4606.

Crosstown Liqueur Store #1



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