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22 E Cordova (The Van Horne) Repair work under way. A good sign of a Pro-Active Strata!!!

This is a shot of the blue tarp recently hung over the Van Horne building on East Cordova Street in Gastown Vancouver. this building is 2 blocks North of Crosstown Vancouver, very close to home.

Van Horne repair work

22 E Cordova Street (The Van Horne) was built in 1996 by the same developer who built Downtown Vancouver's very renown Loft Buildings (The Spot - 93 Seymour Street & The Space - 1238 Seymour Street).

I am told from Listing agents Selling in the building that the work to be done on this building was an assessment over some ingress through the crown at the front centre of the building. this was work that the Strata got an engineer in to look at, assess & repair. This is the sort of thing that is a green light when looking for Condos / Lofts in Downtown Vancouver. It is very important to buy in a good building but almost more important to buy in a building with a PRO_ACTIVE STRATA!!!!!! This repair work that you are looking at here is a good when looking for a pro-active strata at the Van Horne! Good work guys on getting things taken care of asap & moving on with it. 

This building offers a large number of very entry level friendly price points for a unique Gastown Loft unit. For any further information on The Van Horne at 22 E Cordova Street please don't hesitate to contact me direct at / 604 771 4606 



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