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550 Taylor Street (The Taylor) Crosstown Vancouver Boutique Residence Vs. Multi Tower Developments

550 Taylor Street (The Taylor) is a great boutique residence in the heart of Crosstown Vancouver, As is The Espana at 689 Abbott Street. The information below is a couple of common comparisons that I have experienced with past clients interested in purchasing in them both.

Sense of Community:

The majority of respected developments in the Crosstown Vancouver area are multi tower communities. These communities (eg. Espana or Firenze) are home to over 400 units each. The fact that The Taylor has only 232 units gives you a strong sense of a small community within your own building. This is much more desired by most when purchasing in a Condominium Tower. This way you get a true sense of the people around you that you are essentially living with..

Common Amenities:

Other reasons that people are attracted to smaller boutique buildings is because they commonly offer less "common amenities".

However there are some financial benefits when living in a larger building if you are looking for all of those great amenities offered in todays full service developments. For example The Taylor only offers a small gym for its owners to share. The larger developments like The Espana & Firenze offer full amenity packages with Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Full Gym's, Sauna/Steam Rooms, Games Rooms, Media Rooms, playground and huge common patios.

Although it sounds very attractive to have all of these wonderful amenities at your finger tips, you must live in a larger building to make it financially worth your while. Obviously these amenities are in the development & weather you use them or not you WILL be paying for them every month out of your strata fees. I have set up an example below of the price comparison between a unit at the full service Espana development at 689 Abbott Street & the boutique Taylor Building at 550 Taylor with minimal amenities.

550 Taylor Street
570 SqFt 1 Bedroom = $227.31 / Month.

689 Abbott Street
579 SqFt 1 Bedroom = $213.22 / Month

As you can see the strata fees at The Espana are almost $15/Month less than at The Taylor. As you can see you are getting more for less at The Espana but this is obviously because there are 184 more units paying for these Amenities. So it is a toss up between the services for the much larger building community around you.

If you have any questions about either of these buildings or buildings will Full Service Amenity packages as opposed to more amenity-less buildings please feel free to contact me direct.
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