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#2103/550 Taylor St (The Taylor) - PERFECT for Vancouver First Time Home Buyers in Crosstown!

October 17th, 2009

#2103 / 550 Taylor St (The Taylor) Studio Floor Plan.

This is a great First Time Home Buying Studio in the heart of Crosstown Vancouver! This unit is facing East to quiet Taylor St & only 1 block from the heart of Crosstown!.

2103/550 Taylor St (The Taylor) Studio Floor Plan

I have been in this floor plan before and it is a great use of space, also very easy to segregate the bedroom by building a wall. This unit would also be ideal for a ...

550 Taylor Street Crosstown Market Update

October 12th, 2009

As a Realtor one of the many signs to confirm a building is solid, in good shape and a good investment I look for is the turnover of units (number of sales in the building). By seeing a large number of sales in the building I know that potential buyers have done and are doing their du-diligence, recommended on behalf of their Realtors to check for quality. 

In the case of T ...

550 Taylor Street (The Taylor) Crosstown Vancouver "up close & personal"

October 1st, 2009

Welcome to The Taylor (550 Taylor St, Crosstown Vancouver). 

Get interactive with The Taylor and zoom in & out and come the streets of Crosstown Vancouver from the comfort of that chair your sitting in!

View Larger Map

This is a Pinnacle/Amacon Development in Downtown Vancouvers newest community Crosstown. The picture below is from Googles new "Google Street Views". This screen will give y ...



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