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564 Beatty Street (Beatty gate) Commercial / Office building Renovation (Finished Product Picture)

September 12th, 2011
564 Beatty Street (Beatty Gate) Commercial Development Renovation / Extension in Crosstown Vancouver!

Back in July I blogged about a Development Application that was put into the city requesting an extension on 564 Beatty Street. This is the (Beatty Gate) commercial / office building at the Southern end of the 500 block of Beatty Street (Heritage Row). ...

564 Beatty Street (Crosstown Vancouver) Commercial Building upgrade on Heritage Row!

July 21st, 2011
564 Beatty Street is currently a 3 story Heritage office / commercial building. This is the last building (South) of Beatty Streets "Heritage Row". This building has Chambar Restaurant (562 Beatty Street) to its North and to its South has the promenade walk way from Beatty Street that connect to Stadium Skytrain Station & on to the Keefer Street Round-about.

564 Beatty Street (rendering)

There is currently an application i ...



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