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Crosstown Vancouver is Growing in the near future!!

Crosstown has growth in its near future! There are a number of high-end developers patiently waiting to continue the growth of downtown Vancouvers fastest growing community of Crosstown!

Crosstown Vancouver Development Plan -

From a high-end boutique hotel to architecturally crafted sky skrapers, Crosstown Vancouver is growing and it is only a mater of time until this neighbourhood is the centre of attention!!

Gaining in popularity over the past couple of years, Crosstown Vancouver has been quietly building a reputation for its self. From the once claimed "Tinseltown" area as its only usable amenity was the Tinseltown movie theatres, this community is now proudly known as Crosstown Vancouver! The area offers a multitude of boutique clothing stores, salons, coffee shops and bars. The current variety of Residential Real Estate is gaining in popularity over the once so powerful "Yaletown, as this area is not littered with the big names of Cactus Club & The Keg. But have powerful boutique brands such as Medina Cafe, The Aden Gallery & Everything Cafe! This raw and un exploited area is attracting First time Buyers who recognize the growth potential of the community around them. While at the same time are perfectly geographically situated to the Sea Wall, Stadium Skytrain Station & the Eastern edge of Downtown Vancouver.

This area is the last pocket of Downtown Vancouver with the flexibility for the Community & Neighbourhood growth to reflect in climbing property prices. As Yaletown is built out along with Coal Harbour & False Creek North you do not have the same growth & return potential as the Crosstown Vancouver area. 

Those areas were in their prime of growth between 5 - 10 years ago now, Crosstown Vancouvers time in now! This 5 lots noted in the picture above are just a sign of things to come. As more and more people catch on that the opportunity to get in and watch your property prices grow is NOW and for the next couple of years ahead!

For any further information on the Crosstown Vancouver area or Real Estate within in boarders please don't hesitate to contact me direct at / 604 771 4606. 



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