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Have a Crosstown Loft or Condo that has recently Terminated or Expired? Re-List with Jay McInnes

Have you recently had your Crosstown Condo or Loft come off the market?
Did you terminate your listing? ------ Did your listing expire? ------ Need a new Marketing Plan?

I have just created this new Marketing Video explaining why Jay McInnes & is your best choice to List & Market your Crosstown Vancouver Condo or Loft!

As you can see from this video, the Marketing Plan highlights your Loft or Condo with a strong "Traditional Media" package as one of our systems 2 cornerstones. The second cornerstone in the Marketing System that is a very heavy web-network inclusive of Real Estate websites & Community / Neighbourhood websites. This level of web attention is given to our listings as to be able to source qualifies buyers who are interested in researching any part / street or building of the Crosstown Vancouver Area. They will inevitably be directed to our side (your listing) at some point in their local area search!

Contact me TODAY to set up an appointment to discuss what my Crosstown Vancouver Market Plan can do for you and your Crosstown property!! 



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