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Historic Chinatowns "Main Street" gets the green light for high-rise towers!! FINALLY!

FINALLY! ( I know this was approved a month ago but I wanted to touch on it now)

The approval to the revitalization of Historic Chinatown's current state!

Main Street (Crosstown / Chinatown Views)

Hight restrictions for development have been slightly relaxed for this Historic area allowing a higher density & taller Residential Towers. High-rise towers (15 storey's maximum) will be allowed along the Hastings corridor in the coming years. Developers will be bringing a variety of mixed use & multi purpose buildings & towers to the area. 

With typical opposition, I believe this is great as it is the only way to revitalize this "tired" area and bring new life, business, people & money to the 2nd largest Chinatown in North America! The foundations and history of the area could not be richer! This process makes me very excited to know that the Historical corners of our great city will eventually all turn into main hubs of business &  social activity one day. I was beginning to worry that Chinatown would just be a place with plenty of history in the past both nothing new going on or planned for its future.......

Not only will this decision change the neighbourhood and bring in HOPEFULLY the influx of boutique business & not big business. But it will drive property prices up for those original investors who took the risk on the area over the past couple of years!

For any further information on Real Estate in the Chinatown corner of Crosstown Vancouver please contact em direct at / 604 771 4606. 



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