The focal point of our Real Estate Marketing plans revolve around one basic principal: 

"Place your property in front on its Buying demographic as directly & quickly as possible"

We achieve this goal through a number of different media avenues listed below. These medias are matched with a highly motivated attention to detail on all aspects of the marketing process.


Web Presence

The Jay McInnes web network takes online marketing presence to the next level. Through our focused websites we drive thousands of potential buyers a month through our listings. We also use a variety of different online medias to further push our listings into strategic locations where we know potential buyers for your specific product type are searching.

  • organic search results (google)
  • paid search results (google)
  • expansive social media exposure

Craigslist logo - Facebook Logo - Jay McInnes linked in logo - 1.jpg Twitter Logo - By Jay McInnes youtube logo - 5.jpg 

  • 4 locally focused blogs BANNER.png BANNER BANNER BANNER.png

High end properties deserve some extra special attention. With properties listed over 1 million dollars you will have your home listed on the following internationally branded & recognized real estate websites. Banner - Banner - Banner -


Professional Brochures (Professional Photographs & Floor Plans)

Professional photographers & Floor Plans enable out brochures to capture every valuable square foot it has to offer. These colour brochures will make your home shine to every potential buyer! Brochures are given out at showings & open houses to offer the visual stimulation of your home to take away with them. These glossy brochures will also be available online at to entice potential buyers to pick up the phone and call for a showing.

2206-550 Taylor St (New Listing Flyer) LOW REZ 2206 - 550 Taylor St (Floor Plan) branded (LOW REZ).jpg


Customized RBC Mortgage "Cost to Own" breakdown sheets

These Sheets are a very powerful tool especially with First Time Home Buyers. The sheets break down the exact monthly cost the new owners would incur after purchasing at a certain price. The detail includes Mortgage Cost, Strata Fees, Heating, property tax etc. It gives a realistic view on the actual costs of ownership.

(Cost to Own) 2003 - 550 Taylor Street2.jpg



RBC Listing Boards

We have established relationships allowing us to advertise on RBC listings board spaces at multiple branch locations throughout the Vancouver Downtown District. These are the most beneficial locations to post these listings because they are the highest traffic locations with a 50 / 50 mix of business and personal clients.

RBC logo -



- I do my own showings

We personally show your property! We will not have anyone substitute our specialists for the showing of your property. We do not use lock boxes as this completely defeats the purpose of employing our full service marketing system. We will accompany all potential buyers through your property & will never hand out keys to other agents to show the property to their clients. This way we can make sure that all potential buyers & their agents understand all of the benefits your unit, neighbourhood & building.

- Agents Opens

Agent’s opens are also advertised. These are scheduled area tours for real estate agents to view properties. These tours take place for two hours, one morning a week. This is a very good way for agents from other agency’s to come into your home to preview it for their clients, as soon as it comes on to the market.


- Private Showings

At your schedules convenience we will show your home to qualified buyers who request a more intimate and private viewing of the home. We find most times these showings are requested by more serious buyers. Private showings allow buyers to get a complete feel for the home before making it their own!


We always offer full buyers agent commission 

While most buyers work with a realtor who is searching for properties for them, it is very important to have your property appeal to as many buying realtors as possible in addition to their buyers. We always offer a full Buyers Agent commission of 3.255% on the first 100K & 1.1625% on the balance to the buyers realtor. This will confirm that your property stays at the top of the list of not only a potential buyer but also their realtor. Keeping your property exposed to as many people as possible is the #1 goal of our marketing system.

Marketing Costs:

Real Estate commission:

The rate of commission we charge is 7% on the first 100K & 2.5% on the balance of the SALE PRICE of your property.

From that we offer the FULL industry "Buyers Agent" commission of 3.255% on the first 100K & 1.1625% on the balance.

Note: 5% GST is applied to all commissions when selling a property in B.C.


Selling Costs:

Legal fees:

Legalities of a Real Estate sale can be dealt with through either a Notary Public or a Lawyer. These fees cover (Attending to Execution of Documents, Costs of Clearing Title). There applicable average prices are listed below:

Notary Public: $600 - $800

Lawyer:         $800 - $1000


Mortgage pre-payment penalties:

This is a fee that may be charged by your Mortgage Holder (Bank / Credit union) to discharge your mortgage (end it early).


Capital Gains Tax:

Currently 50.00% of realized capital gains are taxed in Canada at an individual's tax rate. (ie $100,000 CG with 43% tax rate will attract $21,500 of tax.) Some exceptions apply, such as selling one's primary residence which may be fully exempt from taxation.

For example, if your capital gains (profit) is $100,000, you're only taxed on $50,000 at your marginal tax rate. That is, if you were in the top tax bracket you'd be taxed at approx 43%. Formula for this example using the top tax bracket would be as follows:

(Capital gain x 50.00%) x marginal tax rate = capital gain tax

= ($100,000 x 50.00%) x 43%

= $50,000 x 43%

= $21,500

In this example your capital gains tax on $100,000 is $21,500, leaving you with $78,500.




Disclaimer: The information provided here in “Selling Costs” is intended to be as accurate and current as possible; however, readers should always consult with their Lawyers/Notary’s and Mortgage Brokers to ensure that there have been no recent legal modifications and to confirm that they meet all of the requirements for qualification.