Below you will find testimonials from past satisfied clients. This is a huge thank you because it re-assures me that all of the hard work is paying off!


Jay your suggestion to wait for a unit in my original building of choice definitely payed off! Now I am only a 10 minute walk from work. Getting the unit fully furnished also took a HUGE load off of my shoulders! Thank you very much for everything & we have to do dinner next week as a thank you, my treat!

E. Wang

Jay, I am so happy with my new place and cant wait to get into it! I have some great ideas that will make it MINE. Your hard work payed off for me and for that I thank you very much. If I have anyone wanting to buy or sell their place your card is the only one I will hand over. Thanks again.


Good morning, I just wanted to say Thank You for the wine and the gift certificate. I wasn't really paying attention the other night when we did the walkthrough, something about my mind being otherwise occupied with paint colours and such :-)
So thanks again, for everything. You'll definitely hear from me when I have my housewarming, I'll save a chair on the balcony just for you! And if you changed your mind on the painting, I'll be there ALL weekend...

Desiree B

I can't believe it's almost that time!! I'm so ready to move into my new place. The house warming party in on the 30th, BOOK IT OFF!! I love my place and it is going to look awesome with the new wood! Thank you so much for finding me this unit, the building, area & suite are great!

Vincent D

The sale of our place was quick, smooth and painless. You brought us all of the information we needed and the sale closed quicker than we anticipated. Thank you so much for your hard work! We are very glad to have met you. Good luck


Jay, thanks for your attention to keeping us informed and accomodating us at all times. This whole process has gone very smooth and you have been very professional… thank you.  I’ll be sure to keep you in mind the next time I need a realtor. My new Place is Fantastic!

Kurt L

I just wanted THANK YOU for all your support and assistance! You've been grateful with suggestions and ideas to help me make my decision, Now I finally found a place that I can call home! Thank you again.

Sothea V 

Being a first time home buyer in the Vancouver market can be quite intimidating. Not only is the market a high-stress zone because of constantly inflating property values and bidding wars and leaky condo worries and such, but the realtors themselves can add to that stress through self-serving high-pressure tactics. Having worked fruitlessly
with several realtors over the last year, I was immediately impressed with Jay's patient and genuinely honest approach.
He was always willing to answer questionas and explain the home-buying process. And when we submitted offers, Jay never pressured me to bid high, but instead, encouraged me to be objective and bid fair. In the end, he helped me find a home I'm extremely thrilled to have purchased. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone looking to buy a first home in Vancouver.


Daryl G

The piece of property is great! It is going to work perfectly for what I want to build. I did not realize that it was the cheapest lot in the area. Thanks for getting everything taken care of so quickly and efficiently. I will have you over once everything is ready to go! Thanks

Sheldon G

Jay, We love our new home! We have all of the furniture in and it all worked out perfectly. We got our dream home for the price we wanted to pay. Thank you for your hard negotiations to make it all come together. We are very happy with everything!

John M

Thank you for selling my condo! Your attention to detail and informing us of all the activity around our sale was above my expectations. You did a great job and it was all done a lot faster than I had anticipated. Thanks again Jay!

John Morris Sr.

Buying my first home as you said did have a lot of little steps to cover but over all was an easy process. I want to thank you for your First Time Home Buyers package as it was a great step by step guide of what was to come down the line when I found my first property. Thank you again for spending as much time with me as you did, I sure this was the longest process you have been through with a client but I am grateful. thank you thank you thank you.

Caroline L

As a first time home buyer, the experience is exciting, nerve wracking and a sharp learning curve all at the same time! It was very helpful to have Jay's knowledge, feedback and guidance along the way, especially as I had a lot of questions/concerns! And he addressed each one with patience and understanding. Plus he helped me to realize what I should and shouldn't compromise on regarding potential properties and this assisted me with my selection process. Now I"m in a condo that I love and happy to be calling it my home!  

A. Wong

Jay, Thank you so much for your efforts in selling my condo! You made the process very easy to understand (as this was my first sale) and you explained everything periodically along the way to me which really helped! I am very happy for the price I got considering the market All of your advice was very relevant and welcomed. I will refer you to anyone I know wanting to sell as a professional that is very receptive to his clients needs and is ALWAYS available. Thanks again jay, The house warming invite will be in your inbox soon!

Deborah D

As a Vancouver First Time Condo Buyer I felt as if I was way in over my head. I found Jays contact details & First Time Condo Buying outline online and it made the process seem much easier than I thought. I contacted Jay; we had a meeting and hit the ground running the next day! He stream lined the First Time Buying process making it very clear & easy to understand. Within a week I knew exactly what I wanted & where I wanted it to be. I am now a First Time Buyer completely satisfied with a job well done. Thanks Jay!!

David Muckard

Working with you was great! In this interesting market we have had the sale of my mothers condo took a little longer than I thought. But we still got a great price at the end of the day, and thats all that really matters right!? You conducted yourself very professionally under all circumstances and that made the transaction a very smooth one, so for that I thank you again. You will be the first I recommend to others who ask if I know a reliable on competent Realtor! Thanks you!


We were referred to Jay by our mortgage specialist and we are so happy to have found him. Jay was incredibly professional, friendly, and took the time to care about what we wanted. Jay made the whole experience of buying our first home stress-free. He made himself available to our schedules and provided excellent advice. He is passionate about his work and cares for his clients. We happily recommend Jay and look forward to working with him again.

Jason & Kim Mulla

Having Jays support made everything easier from the beginning. He had tons of patience with us as first home buyers. He understood our needs very quickly and was always professional, warm and friendly. We are absolutely happy with the results. We love our place!

Hector & Rita Hernandez

Buying our first home was an intense experience. Jay was extremely helpful in guiding us successfully through the process, always being there with advice and encouragement when needed. His service is very personal and individual. We always had the feeling that we could trust him completely and that he was genuinely interested in OUR interests and not in closing a quick sale. We found our dream home with his help – thank you very much Jay!

Torsten & Cathy Eder

The process with Jay was a wonderful experience that will be memorable as it was fun and exciting. With Jay's experience and knowledge of local real estate he had shown me numerous houses. He was on top of all the new listings with quick and extreme friendly response "even on the weekends" when I had some questions. Jay has steered me in the right direction and I have purchased my first home - I am very excited and can't wait for moving day.

Brock Guthrie

From my first meeting with Jay, I felt that he were very interested in determining my particular needs in a home, and that really helped narrow down my search. I was pleased that Jay was willing to spend as much time as I needed looking at houses in various areas of the City. Thanks again for all of your assistance and guidance – you made the process much easier and I am grateful!

Robert Macdonald

Jay is not only very knowledgeable, but unlike others I found him trustworthy and approachable. I consider him a friend not just an agent. Jay came highly recommended to me.

Michael Stewart