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564 Beatty Street (Beatty gate) Commercial / Office building Renovation (Finished Product Picture)

564 Beatty Street (Beatty Gate) Commercial Development Renovation / Extension in Crosstown Vancouver!

Back in July I blogged about a Development Application that was put into the city requesting an extension on 564 Beatty Street. This is the (Beatty Gate) commercial / office building at the Southern end of the 500 block of Beatty Street (Heritage Row).
I have been searching in the mean time for a picture of the Display Model showing what the finished Renovation is expected to look like. I have recently found the picture!!

564 Beatty Street (Beatty Gate) Commercial Development -

This view is from the South, looking North. You can see at the bottom of the picture the "walk through" courtyard beside Stadium Sky-Train station at the corner of Dunsmuir & Beatty Street. As the picture shows, this is going to put an extremely modern twist on the current 564 Beatty Street Building. 4 new levels of glass with a Roof-Top patio is the proposal. This in my opinion will be a VERY welcome addition to Heritage Row on Beatty Street! 

As you may know, 528 Beatty Street (Bowman Block) & 546 Beatty Street (The Crane Building) do have brand new modern steel & glass extensions on top of their original 100+ year old building structures. So this concept has been done a number of times already on Beatty Street (Heritage Row) and has gotten a very warm welcome.

As you can also slightly see at the bottom of the picture above, there looks to be a commercial component extension on the ground level.  It looks as if they are assuming to apply some patio (cafe I assume) furniture into the walk-through court yard to the south of the building. Again, the more the better in my opinion & to add a cafe or two to the area will only add market value to near by Crosstown residents.

All in all I think the continued development of this vibrant street is a huge plus for the area and hope it gets approved because it looks GREAT!!

For any further information regarding Heritage row (the 50 block of Beatty Street) or Crosstown / Chinatown Vancouver in general please dont hesitate to contact me direct at ay time / 604 771 4606 



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